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Space and Politics: The Oceanic Void by Gastón Gordillo

Space and Politics: The Oceanic Void.

The Oceanic Void

by Gastón Gordillo

“This is an excerpt (the first few pages) of my essay “The Oceanic Void: The Eternal Becoming of Liquid Space,” forthcoming in the volume Deleuze and the Schizoanalisis of Spatial Power, edited by Ronnen Benarie (under review by Continnum). This is my most Deleuzian piece yet, and a future chapter in my book in progress (tentatively entitled) Opaque Planet: Outline of a Theory of Terrain. 

The main protagonist in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane has been the elusive and intensely mobile oceanic space that satellites, planes, and ships have been meticulously scrutinizing in search for the plane’s debris, thus far to no avail. For four weeks, the surveillance technology that is often very precise in locating objects anywhere on the planet has been struggling to pierce through the opacity of this huge mass of water that, in permanently moving, recurrently makes itself unreadable. This is a vast liquid space whose ambient thickness and intensity are…” more


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